What is Microneedling?

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Various skin issues can be treated using microneedling. These may range from scarring, wrinkles and loose skin to skin texture, pore size and stretch marks.* Microneedling utilizes a pen shaped skin needling device studded with 12 extremely fine needles. This medical device can break down old scar tissue and stimulate your old skin cells to regenerate.* [...]

How does Microneedling work?

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Before your Microneedling procedure, your technician will cleanse your skin. Then, they will apply a numbing cream. This can reduce possible discomfort.*  We may apply a collagen stimulating topical product like Vitamin-C skin serum, Hyaluronic Acid, or pigmentation skin lightener.* The process includes the Microneedling device sliding across your skin. It can penetrate the outer layers [...]

Microneedling Pen

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During your procedure, we use the sterile Microneedling device with a disposable tip containing 12 tiny needles that pierce your skin. Our state of the art Microneedling pen comes equipped with multiple speeds and adjustable needle depth that allow the needles to pierce your skin’s outer layer at a 90 degree angle. This can increase your [...]

What to Expect After your Microneedling Procedure

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Following your procedure, your technician will apply a soothing Vitamin-C serum as well as Hyaluronic acid. These can be used to heal, protect and hydrate your skin.* Most clients may find that they experience some redness and very mild swelling similar to a sunburn and some clients can experience minimal needle point bleeding or bruising.* Your [...]

What should i do after my Microneedling procedure?

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We recommend that during the healing time, our clients use a zinc based sun block as well as mineral based makeup. This can protect the skin from sun damage or harsh chemicals.*  In order to safeguard your skin’s healing environment, we caution you to not apply any product containing AHA’s (glycolic Acid), retinol or any acidic [...]

Orchid Spa and Wellness in Orlanda Florida

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Our goal is to consistently offer our customers the very best in personalized spa services. We're a place where it’s all about taking a moment for yourself. However, Orchid Spa and Wellness isn’t only a haven of relaxation, but a place to learn how to a live a healthier more balanced life. Our treatments don’t come [...]

Microneedling at Orchid Spa and Wellness

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Dermapen® Microneedling Microneedling can treat a number of skin issues. It may tackle scarring, wrinkles and loose skin.* Also, it can improve skin texture, pore size and stretch marks.* Microneedling utilizes a pen shaped skin needling device studded with 12 extremely fine needles. This medical device breaks down old scar tissue. In addition, it can stimulate [...]