CooLifting at Orchid Spa and Wellness

What are CooLifting benefits?

CooLifting offers two main benefits. First, it lifts. The lift eliminates superficial wrinkles.* Deep wrinkles  reduce. The lift also lightens and smooths the skin.* Rejuvenation is the second benefit.* Intense collagen and elastine stimulate the skin. The dermis regenerates. In addition, skin texture and quality improve.* Best of all, the method is different from anything you know. Because it is fast, it is not traumatic.* It’s also painless.*

Who can benefit from the treatment?

CooLifting benefits anyone who needs facial rejuvenation.* Because it stimulates the tissues, it reduces and prevents wrinkles.*

Does it have any side effects?

Life continues normally after a session. Side effects are not noted. The treatment is non-invasive and non-traumatic. So, after the CooLifting session, life resumes immediately.

How long does a session effect last? And that of a treatment?

The lifting effect lasts for a short time. The treatment requires maintenance. Secondly, the rejuvenating effect is cumulative.* The number of sessions determines the effect.* Complete treatments result in rejuvenating effects. They are progressive. They are also obtained over many sessions. The treatments significantly reduce wrinkles.* In addition, they substantially improve skin quality.* Rejuvenation is felt immediately.*

Are the results obtained permanent?

The shock treatment deeply rejuvenates the skin.* Maintenance sessions require multiple sessions. These are repeated every two weeks. Best of all, the rejuvenating effect is addictive.* It is also permanent.*

What’s felt during the session?

The feeling is pleasant. You feel pressure and external cold.

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