Eye Treatments at Orchid Spa and Wellness

Eye Lifting Treatments

Orchid Spa and Wellness now offers eye treatments. An eye treatment could smooth fine lines and crepey skin* The treatment can be rejuvenating.* The high performance freeze-dried treatment may reduce congestion.* It can also combat stress, dark circles and fatigue.* Eye treatments may counteract the signs of aging.* Finally, the micro-current machine can lift the brows to open your eyes.*

De-Stress Eye Wrinkles Treatments

These potent eye treatments contain Collagen Cryo. We all may want to look better and younger.* We all may want to feel better and feel younger, as well.* We do not, however, want to go under the knife or put ourselves through several injections of questionable substances. Fortunately, the technology that was until now exclusive to the medical field or pro-athletes is available to us: Cryo Therapy.  It is proven to have the potential of resulting in younger and better looking skin.* It can smooth away the signs of crepey skin and wrinkles.* Finally it has the potential to tighten your eye contour.* This could result in youthful, vibrant eyes.*

De-Stress Eye Puffiness Treatment

This eye treatment contains Ginkgo Biloba. It can also effectively relieve dark circles.* The treatment may reduce unappealing puffiness.* The results can be refreshed, radiant eyes.*

Eye Lash Tint or Brow Tint

This safe, natural technique can intensify the color of your lashes and brows.* Additionally, it’s can be a great alternative to mascara and brow pencils.* It can be especially wonderful for fair hair. Athletes, swimmers and anyone sensitive to mascara could benefit greatly.* The natural vegetable dye can eliminate one last step in your beauty regimen on challenging mornings.*

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