Led Light Therapy Bed at Orchid Spa and Wellness

The Led Light Therapy Bed at Orchid Spa and Wellness could possibly make you look younger.* It could also make you feel better and more rejuvenated.* It can reverse damaged skin.* A session in an led light therapy bed can also rejuvenate and gives you a healthier complexion and better looking body.* Additionally, it can help prevent aging.* It could help you look better in your own skin.* It can reduce deep lines and scars.* It may improve skin texture.* Best of all, it can tighten your skin.* It can target and reduce cellulite.*

Led Light Therapy Bed

Opera LED Light Therapy Mask

Light Therapy Mask

In addition to the Led Light Therapy bed, the LED Light Therapy Mask has three modes. Red, blue and white lights treat your skin.* The mask’s red light has a wavelength of 630 nanometers (nm). It can be effective for skin rejuvenation and collagen induction.* It may also be used for postcare after laser or Microneedle Treatments. Breakouts and acne can be treated using the blue light mode.* It’s wavelength is (415 nm). It has the potential to be effective for acne treatment.* It may also have antimicrobial effects.* The white light has a wavelength of 830 nanometers. It can be effective for wound healing.* In addition, it could rejuvenate your skin and may improve blood circulation.*

Your facialist begins the process by applying hot steam. Next she cleans your skin with a super-gentle purifying cleanser. Then, she applies a lactic acid application. This should gently exfoliate and brighten your skin.* Ultrasound exfoliation uses a vibrating metal wand. It creates an ultrasound wave on the surface of the skin. The purpose? It can open pores and make extractions easier.* After the extractions, it’s time for the lights…

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