Orchid Spa and Wellness in Orlanda Florida

Our goal is to consistently offer our customers the very best in personalized spa services. We’re a place where it’s all about taking a moment for yourself. However, Orchid Spa and Wellness isn’t only a haven of relaxation, but a place to learn how to a live a healthier more balanced life. Our treatments don’t come in a “one size fits all package.” Our knowledgeable and caring staff takes the time to work with each client to create a unique experience catered to the individual.

My husband gifted me with a Spa day on for my birthday. From the moment I walked in I realized that I had stepped through a portal into a different world. This world appealed to my senses, it was clean and beautiful. Meeting with the staff, I found out quickly that pleasant spirits worked well together there and I would return as well as recommend. – Renna Roberts-Gore

All my services were with Heather. Not only is she professional and knowledgeable, but her spirit is genuine–not clinical and forced and I really love her!! My skin looks even more radiant and I feel wonderful. I had to stop by to leave a 5 star review because that’s as high as I am allowed. Thank you for helping to make this birthday even more spectacular. I will see you all soon. Blessings going and coming to you!

Orchid Spa and Wellness is nestled in a hidden corner in College Park. As you walk through the doorway, the ambiance is one of luxury, peace and well-being. Our team and overall philosophy at Orchid Spa and Wellness sets us apart from our competitors. Our team is always learning and growing in their respective fields. We also understand the importance of building and maintaining the relationship and trust of our clients.

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