Microneedling Pen

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During your procedure, we use the sterile Microneedling device with a disposable tip containing 12 tiny needles that pierce your skin. Our state of the art Microneedling pen comes equipped with multiple speeds and adjustable needle depth that allow the needles to pierce your skin’s outer layer at a 90 degree angle. This can increase your [...]

Orchid Spa and Wellness in Orlanda Florida

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Our goal is to consistently offer our customers the very best in personalized spa services. We're a place where it’s all about taking a moment for yourself. However, Orchid Spa and Wellness isn’t only a haven of relaxation, but a place to learn how to a live a healthier more balanced life. Our treatments don’t come [...]

CooLifting at Orchid Spa and Wellness

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What are CooLifting benefits? CooLifting offers two main benefits. First, it lifts. The lift eliminates superficial wrinkles.* Deep wrinkles  reduce. The lift also lightens and smooths the skin.* Rejuvenation is the second benefit.* Intense collagen and elastine stimulate the skin. The dermis regenerates. In addition, skin texture and quality improve.* Best of all, the method is [...]